• Level 5 School of Dental Sciences, Newcastle University Framlington Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4BW E: dentaldecisions@ncl.ac.uk

About the Dental Decisions Study

Making decisions about dental care can be difficult, especially if people have  lots of dental problems and other health problems, such as dementia. This project aimed to figure out how to support dental care decision-making.

The Dental Decisions Tool was produced by a group including dentists, people living with dementia, carers, researchers and other professionals. 


This study consisted of four related projects.

Project 1.

A review to find existing approaches to support decision making 

Project 2.

An interview study with dentists to explore their views on dental care decision making with or for people living with dementia

Project 3.

An interview study with people living with dementia and carers exploring decisions about their experiences and views on dental care decision making

Project 4.

Researchers, patients, carers and dentists working together to figure out how to improve dental care decision-making